Health care providers recommend that adults get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderately strenuous physical activity each week. Individuals should also strive to incorporate strength training exercises at least twice a week. Personal schedules or a self-conscious nature may prevent people from working out at a local fitness center. However, there are many exercises that are easily accomplished within the home that rely on the weight of the body and do not require special equipment.




The exercise might be accomplished in a variety of ways. Women are often advised to perform bent knee push-ups, as the majority of a female’s body weight lies below the waist. However, some may prefer completing the exercise in the same time-honored manner that men replicate. Strong, fit adults may modify the exercise by performing one-armed push-ups. Lifting one leg is another option.




Crunches have proven to be more effective for toning abdominal muscles compared to a traditional sit-up. The exercise simply entails lying on the floor with knees bent. Put both hands behind the head. Attempt to sit up until the upper region of the back clears the floor. Variations of the exercise include extending one leg. A reverse crunch is performed by extending both arms out to the side. The legs are then straightened and brought up toward the head.




Lunges are performed by stepping forward with one leg while keeping the back straight. Lunge forward while bringing the hips down toward the floor. Push back to a standing position using the front leg. Variations of the exercise include glute lunges. Instead of putting one foot forward, cross one leg forward over the other. Lunge forward with arms outstretched. Turn the torso to the opposite side. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg. The side lunge is accomplished by standing with the legs apart. Keep the back straight and step to the side. Lower the hips and body weight onto the extended leg.


Squat Jumps


The jumps are a good way to incorporate cardiac enhancement. Stand with feet together. Squat forward while arching the back. Jump while forcing the arms out and up. Focus on bringing the knees toward the chest. Land on the middle of the feet and resume a standing position.