Everyone knows that it’s important to eat healthy. The problem is implementing that. The first issue is knowing just what that means. The second is how to make healthy choices in an affordable and manageable way. No one wants to be working hard at tomorrow’s lunch when they’re home from work.


There are several easy, quick and most importantly, healthy meals that people can prepare in advance for the whole week. Batch cooking staples like rice or pasta on a Saturday or Sunday can be a lifesaver when it comes to meal prep. With this kind of thinking in advance, healthy dishes can be thrown together in just a few minutes for the next day.


Pasta and rice aren’t just good hot dinner dishes. They’re very filling and versatile. In fact, cold pasta and rice salads can be a refreshing lunch. Add some colorful vegetables like sliced tomatoes and arugula. Maybe mix in a spring or two of parsley. And don’t forget to add a little something in the way of protein, whether that means tuna from a can or some black beans. The variations for this type of lunchtime salad are almost endless.


Another great solution for midday meals during the week is the humble egg. Normally seen as a breakfast staple, eggs are a great source of protein. They’re inexpensive, and they keep quite well when they’re hard-boiled. That means that eggs are another great staple that can be prepped for the whole week. Buy a whole dozen and boil them on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Two eggs can be a filling lunch all on their own, although it’s always a good idea to add some veggies of course. Hard-boiled eggs can also be a great last-minute breakfast, for anyone rushing out the door.


Finally, don’t neglect fruit. Fruit is a great source of vitamins and of fiber. Many fruits are also very portable. An apple or banana travels well, and can be a great addition to any lunchtime meal. These fruits make great snacks, too. The sugar in them gives an energy boost. But ince it’s processed with fiber and nutrients, people tend not to see a crash when getting their mid-afternoon energy boost from fruit.