Manchester United is one of the most famous and accomplished football clubs in the world. The club, which was founded in 1878, has proud followers from all over the world. Manchester United has a long history that includes many moments that have turned into cherished memories. This list will provide you with some of club’s most popular highlights from the last few decades.

David Beckham vs. Wimbledon

David Beckham is one beloved player who was arguably one of United’s best midfielders. During his time with United, his half field chip against Wimbledon in 1996 was one of his most famous goals. When Beckham saw that the keeper wasn’t in position, he sent a chip directly over the opposing keeper. Not only was it a beautiful goal, but Beckham made it look absolutely effortless.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Portsmouth

Manchester United fans hold many fond memories of the Portuguese winger Ronaldo. One of his most spectacular moments, though, was his unbelievable free kick goal against Portsmouth. This historic kick came from a long way out, and ultimately was too much for the goalkeeper to handle. Although 2008 also unfortunately saw his departure from the team, he continues to be fondly remembered by long term fans.  

Wayne Rooney vs. Manchester City

One moment is not only special to fans of the club, but also holds a special place in Wayne Rooney’s heart. He regards it as “his single most important goal for Manchester United.” Rooney’s 2011 bicycle kick when the team played against Manchester City is a spectacular example of an overhead kick, regardless of which club you root for. His timing was perfect.

Robin van Persie’s vs. Aston Villa

Robin van Persie had an iconic first season with Manchester United. During the span of a single game, this Dutch striker became a sensation. He became not only the league champion, but the golden boot winner. His 2013 volley against Aston Villa is remembered as one of the finest in Manchester United’s history.

United’s 20th League Title

Sir Alex Ferguson won silverware almost every season, but his last season in 2013 was especially memorable. He ended his time with United on a high note- they won their twentieth league title! It was a truly fitting moment for a coaching legend who gave everything he had to the club. He is remembered not just for all the silverware he collected, but how he attracted some of the world’s most talented players.

There’s no arguing that Manchester United has an incredible history. Today’s fans continue to hope that the team continues in their grand tradition of incredible goals and talented players.