Playing golf is a wonderful way to spend the day, but the sport can be a little scary for newcomers. In addition to learning all of the small rules, developing a decent swing takes a lot of time and practice. These are the four things every new golfer needs to do when they are first picking up the game.

Get Your Own Clubs

If you are absolutely serious about learning how to golf, then you will need your own set of clubs. You will never be able to develop a consistent swing if you are constantly borrowing clubs from a friend. Most golf stores sell a complete set of clubs designed for beginners. These clubs are generally very affordable and specifically designed to help new players hit the ball better.

Sign Up for Lessons

It takes years and years of practice to become a decent golfer. If you want to quickly boost your skills, then you will need to get regular lessons from a trained coach. They will teach you the proper way to grip and swing the club. It is best to get lessons as early as possible. It is much easier to train a new golfer because they do not have any bad habits that need to be broken.

Practice at the Range

You may be tempted to jump out on the golf course shortly after picking up the sport, but this would be a huge mistake. All of your time in the beginning of your golf career needs to be spent practicing at the range. Take a few months to hone your skills before testing them on the course. Not only will this make you a better player, it will also keep your from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed during your first round.

Start Off Small

Just like the rest of your golf career, you need to take it slow when you leave the practice range for an actual course. It is best to play your first few rounds on a local par-3 course. These courses still require you to use all of your skills, but they are much shorter than a traditional course. The short course will let you focus on your game without having to navigate hazards and hunt for misplaced balls.