It is far too easy for children to spend the entire day on their phone or computer. This sedentary lifestyle can potentially lead to major health problems including obesity and high blood pressure. The best way to get kids to spend time outside is by getting them invested in sports. In addition to providing physical activity, sports will also build the social skills of any child. These are the four best sports for children.


Football is beloved by millions of people around the world because it is such an easy game to learn to play. There is just something exciting about trying to pull the same moves as the professionals. A great thing about football is that children can start learning the game at a very early age. Juggling and dribbling lessons can be started as early as age three. Once they develop the simple skills, they will be ready to run around the pitch with a team.


Basketball may not be very popular in the UK, but it is actually the perfect sport for children. The game helps strengthen a kid’s hand-eye coordination, reflexes and endurance. With only five people covering the large court, basketball also requires a team to communicate and work together at all times in order to succeed.


It is completely natural for a child to be afraid of the water. This fear will not go away until the child learns how to swim at a high level. This is why it is vitally important for children to pick up the sport of swimming at a young age. Swimming laps and breathing underwater are great ways to build lung strength. Overprotective parents that are afraid of the dangers of sports will absolutely love swimming because there is almost no risk of injury.


While most sports teach kids to work together as a team, tennis forces them to learn how to compete on their own. This will be an extremely important skill later in their life. It is impossible to have a successful career without the determination to succeed as an individual. In addition to the positive lifestyle skills learned through tennis, the sport also helps improve a child’s physical strength and quickness.