Finding the right exercise routine can be next to impossible for busy professionals and parents to fit into their schedules. Personal fitness can be even more difficult to manage when there is little free time available, often conflicting with work agendas, children, and an increasing amount of home responsibilities.


Fortunately, many simple workouts can be done from the comfort of home. These exercises will work with any schedule and can be done without having to attend a gym, helping to save time and money. Exercising at home will not only help improve physical and mental health but will increase productivity and prepare workers and parents for the day ahead.


Jumping Jacks


This simple but effective workout will help get the blood flowing and warm the body at the beginning of an exercise. When done for at least a minute, this exercise is the perfect addition to any cardio routine.




This targeted workout is great for exercising hip flexors, thighs, and abdominal muscles. Increasing the repetitions can help tone leg muscles.




Perfect for toning glutes and hamstrings, this effective exercise move is ideal for quick workouts. This workout can also be performed with weights, serving as a dual exercise for both legs and arms.


Sit-Ups or Crunches


These workout moves target abdominal muscles, quickly warming the body while toning the stomach. Whether performed together or separately, these workouts are ideal for any routine.




Warming up hip flexors, quadriceps, glutes, and abdominals, this workout is ideal for toning the lower body.




This move is great for working out pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. There are many variations of this move to choose from, including wide arm, military, decline, and more.


Dead Lifts


This exercise targets many muscle areas, including shoulder and arm muscles. This move can be performed using dumbbells, a barbell, or any heavy object on hand.


Calf Raises


This move can be performed with or without weights. It is perfect for toning calf and glute muscles.


The Right Routine


These moves can be performed and modified as needed, allowing busy individuals to craft the perfect workout routine to fit their lives.